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"The village sign is a traditional emblem with origins dating back to the medieval village cross, which served both as a landmark and a talisman to ward off evil.  Each sign is an original work, which will enhance your village and become part of its history"

Cast Aluminium

This slide show has examples of some of our cast aluminium village signs.  All are beautiful, just click the picture to see a larger view, or to pause the slide show!

Our Cast Aluminium Signs comprise of a cast aluminium panel with your illustration in low relief set into a black stove enamelled steel frame with wrought iron scrollwork, which is then mounted onto a single oak post.  The pictures below show the "before and after" the raw casting and the beautifully painted finished sign.

Proposed Rendlesham Village Sign Drawing

The detailed drawing above is typical of one of the drawings that you will get for your approval, allowing you to see what your sign will look like in situ, before we start production.


Each Cast Aluminium sign is treated with etch primer, two coats of undercoat, and then hand painted with high quality, sign writer’s enamel paint.  This produces a sign, with a long lasting paint finish, that won’t corrode.  All our materials are selected for their durability and finished to maximise weatherproofing qualities.  


We have village signs which were made over 20 years ago that haven’t needed re-painting ~ in fact we have just had one back that we made over 31 years ago for it's 1st re-paint! 

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