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"The village sign is a traditional emblem with origins dating back to the medieval village cross, which served both as a landmark and a talisman to ward off evil.  Each sign is an original work, which will enhance your village and become part of its history"

Pierced Metal

This slide show includes some of our pierced metal village signs.  Just click the picture to see a larger view, or to pause the slide show!

Construction Drawing and Plinth Detail

Our Pierced Metal signs are generally made from 5mm steel plate using a combination  of traditional age-old hand forging techniques coupled with modern day laser, or water jet cutting techniques . 


Each sign is first cut and pierced, then the wrought iron scrollwork is added.  The sign is then finished in a black stove enamel to achieve the hi contrast silhouette design before any other colours are added by hand.  


The finished sign is generally mounted onto a single oak post, but could also be mounted on a brick, or stone plinth built by your own local builder.

The detailed drawing above is typical of what you will get for your approval, so you will be able to see exactly what your sign will look like, before we start production.

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