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"The village sign is a traditional emblem with origins dating back to the medieval village cross, which served both as a landmark and a talisman to ward off evil.  Each sign is an original work, which will enhance your village and become part of its history"

Hand Carved

This slide show includes some of our hand carved wooden village signs.  Some are painted, others have a more natural finish.  Just click the picture to see a larger view, or to pause the slide show.

Our hand carved village signs are made from 2 1/2 inch thick English oak, with the addition of concealed internal stainless steel rods to provide extra strength and ensure durability.

Proposal for Chislet Village, Hand Carved
The rear of the Chislet sign part way through carving

The rear of the Chislet sign part way through being carved.


Any horizontal surfaces are protected from water penetration with an aluminium cover strip, which is not visible from the ground.

This detailed coloured hand drawing of the Chislet sign is typical of what you will get for your approval on the detail of your sign, allowing you to see exactly what your sign will look like, before we start production.

To paint the sign or not?  An unpainted hand carved sign will gradually develop the beautiful  silver patina that only old oak can and will last for many years, however a hand painted sign can also look very attractive.  A painted sign should be regularly checked for any deterioration of the painted surface as any small cracks will attract moisture and the oak may then start to deteriorate unseen behind the paint.


The finished sign is generally mounted onto a single oak post, supplied together with a heavy duty stove enamelled steel base socket, which can be concreted into the ground, or incorporated into a plinth by your local builder.  The sign can then be assembled and erected in a few minutes.  

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