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"The village sign is a traditional emblem with origins dating back to the medieval village cross, which served both as a landmark and a talisman to ward off evil.  Each sign is an original work, which will enhance your village and become part of its history"
Proposal for Chedworth Village Sign

This drawing of the Chedworth sign is typical of one of the drawings that you will get for your approval, allowing you to see what your sign will look like in situ, before we start production.


This slide show includes some of our GRP village signs.  Just click the picture to see a larger view, or to pause the slide show!

GRP (or Glass Reinforced Plastic to give it it’s full name) is a very durable solution.   We print the design onto a vinyl sheet, which is then sandwiched beneath a transparent layer of thermosetting polyester resin (reinforced with glass fibre), this fully encapsulates the sign, making it completely weatherproof.


The printed design is also protected from normal sunlight by an Ultra Violet Inhibited polyester layer, which means that the sign can be guaranteed from fading for 10 years (typically much longer than this) , although some fading of very bright colours should be expected.

GRP Signs offer:


Completely weather & waterproof finish 

Excellent colour fastness and UV protection.

No rusting and a tough product with a high resistance to impact.

Graffiti is easily removed with any strong solvent or proprietary cleaner.

General dirt and grime can be easily removed with household soap or detergent.

Secure, moulded fixings result in a product that is harder to vandalise.

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